NFT Exhibition during Art Basel

13 - 19. June 2022

Have a look at my latest NFT Collection at 5 selected locations in Basel and dive into the metaverse world with two extraordinary workshops by Ricardo de la Vega, NFT creator from Milan, and game designer Thierry Perrig.

All Exhibitions: Free Walk-In


Date: June 17.
Location: ART HOUSE Rooftop Bar, 6th Floor


14:00h- 15:00h – Thierry Perrig – Three-dimensional drawing in virtual reality and Game Design

15:00h- 16:00h – Ricardo de la vega – Introduction to NFTS and how to create them with virtual reality

Workshop Reservations:

13. - 19.

June 2022

Radisson Blu

It’s an honor to be the representative artist from Basel, where every hotel guest at Radisson Blu gets a postcard of my Artwork as a welcome gift!

Location: Steinentorstrasse 25, 4051 Basel

13. - 19.

June 2022


Location: Steinenvorstadt 42, 4051 Basel, 6th Floor

13. - 19.

June 2022

Beverly Holz

A villa full of art during Art Basel! This collaboration between the architecture company “Lupo & Zuccarello” and Larissa Valentina Art showcases the NFT developed out of the visualization for their new project in Basel, Switzerland.

Location: Bruderholzallee 195, 4059 Basel

13. - 19.

June 2022

SOHO Basel

Location: Steinenvorstadt 54, 4051 Basel

17. - 19.

June 2022

LORA Bahnhof SBB

Location: Centralbahnstrasse 10, 4051 Basel