First NFT Exhibition in Basel

The first NFT Exhibition in Basel I organized was a total success! It's an exciting path with beautiful people that I got to know through my project, and it's just the beginning! Thanks to everyone that believes in my work!

Each of the unique NFTs developed out of the original physical paintings! Buy an NFT and get with it the physical painting and vice versa.

This collection is a spring feeling that combines the rawness of blossoms and femininity captured in digital worlds— Showcasing an utopian world in the physical exhibition space and a dystopian world through the VR Glasses. It demonstrates the illusion of power that liberated itself from national boundaries and travels freely through cyberspace. We have created a system to obtain authority over our bodies, minds, and others, existing in two worlds we can define.

Thierry Perrig created the Virtual World. He studied Game Design and 3D Animation in Zurich and will complete his specialized education as a character and creature artist! In the workshop with Ricardo de la Vega from Milan, the audience got introduced to the NFT and metaverse world and how to create NFTs in virtual reality. DJ William Hage played hot beats, and Restaurant Le Monot served the delicious Lebanese Apéro. Thanks to Hamzah Zarah and Jeton Shali for the video and photography content!

Image Sources: Left: Unit London Right: Philip Fong via AFP