Pizza O

I painted the walls for “Pizza O”

An innovative sustainable Pizzeria opened its doors in the city center of Basel, directly at the Barfüsserplatz. I love the interior design, the green satin furniture combined with metallic lighting, newspaper walls, and glowing neon fonts. And what could match better than a gigantic painted wall and a jungle feeling in the bathroom?

It took me three weeks to paint the “Flying Pizza Piece” wall, where angels are craving a delicious pizza piece flying in the clouds of the heavens.
And just one day, to paint the whole bathroom, it was still a challenge to master an oasis called “Flowers Of Paradise.”
After everything was ready for the opening, the whole team and city celebrated for three days at Pizza O, where famous swiss film directors, painters, chocolate owners attended the celebrations.

It was a blast, hard work, a fun time, and a fantastic experience!
Thankful to be part of this beautiful ambiance!
Here are some pictures of the party and the walls: