Welcome to my studio.

Make yourself comfortable and enjoy some Art.


In June, it’s finally time for the fourth edition of the Villa Art Show in Basel, presented by Passion Entertainment. I’m so thrilled to be exhibiting my Art at this fantastic event. This event is a true highlight of the year! Those two days will be on fire, from live performances and car exhibitions to old paintings and contemporary artists.


The first NFT Exhibition in Basel I organized was a total success! It’s an exciting path with beautiful people that I got to know through my project, and it’s just the beginning! Thanks to everyone that believes in my work! Each of the unique NFTs developed out of the original physical paintings!


I created three art pieces for the Art House Hotel’s rooftop lounge. It’s an international, creative space with a cosmopolitan flair that makes every visit a fun experience. Especially the rooftop, with its extraordinary view and events, is the place to be right now. Here are some pictures and videos of the exhibition party!


NFT exhibitions in Basel

The NFT and Metaverse world are becoming more well-known each day. It’s a huge opportunity for artists to assert their work’s originality and worth, encrypted through blockchain technology. London, New York, Hong Kong, and many more metropolitan cities launched their physical NFT exhibitions. So why not Basel as a well-known art city?


Painted Walls for “Pizza O”

An innovative sustainable Pizzeria opened its doors in the city center of Basel, directly at the Barfüsserplatz. I love the interior design, the green satin furniture combined with metallic lighting, newspaper walls, and glowing neon fonts.


l'Atelier Bar

Now you can visit one of my favorite bars in Basel called “l’Atelier” and enjoy some paintings of mine hanging in this super chill and modern space. In collaboration with Gallery Untitled, we choose some matching work that suits the aesthetic and style of l’Atelier.